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*Rider Profile*
Stefy Bau, Moto-X


How old are you?
24, my birthday is February 17th

Where did you grow up?
In Italy, near Milan

When did you start Moto-X? At 6 years old, in Italy

What school do you go to?
I went to school in Italy and I finished the college over there, I'm an accountant (is that wierd, uh?)

What do you do to train? Gym, run and ride my dirt bike as much as possible. i have a personal trainer that follows me.

Who do you wish would sponsor you?
I have a lot of sponsors now but they all are from my industry. I wish that I could have some companies who make products for women sponsoring me. It could be a great idea.

Which competition do you look forward to most? I guess the Women's World Cup, that would be May 19th in Northern California. I was world champion last year.

Do you warm up before riding? How? Yes, doing some stretching and some bicycles when I can.

Do you have a coach? Not really, I look what the other PRO riders do and I try to do the same.


Stefy Bau was a Moto-X fan at 6, she started riding a little 50cc. Now she is the top racer in Italy and ready to take on the world! XGIRLSPORT talks to the first female to start the US season with a Pro License!

rider: Stefy Bau, photo: Mike Kobal

How did you get started in Moto-X?
My mom and dad are big fans of the sport and my dad also had a dirt bike. He never raced but i was fascinated by it. At 6 years old i asked them to have one, and they bought it for me. It was a little 50cc.

Do you coach other riders?
Yes, I do motocross school. I teach girls how to ride motocross. I have a lot of e-mails from fans and girls that want to learn how to ride so I decided to share my experiences.

Who inspires you?
People who work really hard to get to the top.

What is your favorite trick? Right now is the "double foot can-can both side". I just got this down.
rider: Stefy Bau, photo: Mike Kobal
Why do you compete in the men's and the women's classes? I want to be the first girl ever to qualify in the guys' class.

What do you think will be the most difficult part about qualifying in the Men's class?

All men at the PRO class are really super fast riders.
The most difficult part is start in front of them.
rider: Stefy Bau, photo: Mike Kobal
What was your happiest moment in Moto-X so far?
:) Winning the World Cup and take the Holeshot at the Unadilla race track last here in the men's qualify (an HOLESHOT means to be the first rider to turn at the first turn). The Unadilla track is one of the thoughest. I started in first position in front of the other 39 PRO men riders. I'm the first girl in the history of motocross to have done that.
rider: Stefy Bau, photo: Mike Kobal


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